The Owl Parliament - Music from Tacoma, USA.

We are a band of brothers from Tacoma, Washington.


The Owl Parliament is an indie rock band from blue collar Tacoma. Their sound equal parts grit and bliss, has been compared to likes of My Morning Jacket, Dr Dog, The Black Keys, and The National.

Formed as an out-growth of a songwriter's group held in Spiro's Tacoma living room, artists would gather weekly to share ideas and meals with each other. "We were trying to break down the isolated artist stigma and actually be open with each other. It helped us open the doors to write, explore, create and perform… just to be there and to support each other", says Spiro.

But performing for, soon became performing with, and what started in that living room, soon spilled out into the world in the form of Songwriter Showcases held at a local diner. 

The bands songs originate with Aaron Spiro, whose early 2000's debut was produced and recorded by two grammy award-winners Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars, Jacob Dylan, Allison Krauss) and Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse).

Shaping the music has been an ongoing collaboration between the band of four. Nate Daley (Motopony, A Leaf) and Andy Wambem on bass (A Leaf, The Sherman Family) provide a good dose of grit, playing lead guitar and bass respectively. On drums is Mark Alvis, no new-comer to the music scene, having played for Trevor Davis (The Voice), The Forgotten Dream, and Allen Stone in his early days.

"Each of us has spent time on the road. It can be tough" says Alvis, who spent 2006 logging nearly 200 shows across the county. "At some point, we all asked, 'Is this what I want? Or, can I still create real music without having to sacrifice a family or a sense of community in the process?'"

So that's what The Owl Parliament has found: a way to do it on their own terms. 

Rooted in Tacoma, their music emerges directly from community. Their shows have the confidence an verve that comes with experience. And, their songs have that vibe that only comes from being comfortable and fully alive right where you live. 

On February 11th, The Owl Parliament released their debut EP at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard with friends and their family by their side. 

Photos by Maurice Morales

Photos by Maurice Morales

 AARON SPIRO - Songs, Vocals, Guitars, Glasses


ANDY WAMBEM - Bass Guitar, BGVs, Muscles, Smiles


MARK ALVIS - Drumset, Tambos, Shakers, Jingle-bells


NATE DALEY Lead Guitar, BGVs, 


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